Biden Banking Big on Pennsylvania

Although the primaries are nine months away, Joe Biden is showing strong signs of possibly becoming the Democratic nominee.

Poll after poll continue to show the Biden bump since the former Vice President announced his candidacy last month.

Key to Biden’s strategy is his strong appeal with white middle class men with union jobs.

Pennsylvania with 20 electoral college votes was a battleground state in the 2016 election. In a big surprise, President Trump won the state over rival Hillary Clinton. Biden however, has strong ties to the state.

Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania Joe Biden lived in the state for 10 years before his family moved to neighboring state Delaware.

His campaign kickoff began in Pennsylvania with the endorsement of the Pittsburgh based International Association of Fire Fighters. The Democratic hopeful is making a strong pitch based on his record and close union ties to bring back the very voters Donald Trump benefited from to win back the rust belt states.

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