Two Celebrities Aim To Create Peace Within The Democrat Party

In response to avoiding a “circlular firing squad” where Democrats are engaging in an internal dispute around presidential candidates who are looking to take the party’s nomination, two known celebrities are hoping to bring more unity to their political party of choice.

George Takei best known for his role as Hikaru Sulu from Star Trek tweeted a message of unity within the Democratic party writing, “Will you join me in pledging not to speak negatively about any of our candidates? We don’t know who the nominee will be, but they need to be as strong as they can be going into the election with Trump.”

Alyssa Milano retweeted Takei’s tweet confirming her pledge to also not speak negatively about anyone running for President, she wrote:

The presidential primary for the Democratic party has generated over 20 candidates. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are currently polling in first and second place in most polls with the Iowa caucus 10 months away. Both represent deep ideologically differences within the party. Biden representing the more moderate wing and Sanders representing the left wing of the party.

As the primary gets closer and the race becomes more intense, supporters backing their favorite candidate are digging into other candidate’s past or what they see as insufficent current views to lead the Democratic party.

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