Joe Biden Outraises Sanders and O’Rourke in First 24 Hours

Joe Biden considered to be the Democratic frontrunner raised the most money in his first 24 hours than any other candidate in the Democratic primary.

Clocking in at $6.3 million, Biden beat Beto O’Rourke’s first 24 hour fundraising record of $6.1 million, and Bernie Sanders fundraising amount of $5.9 million.

According to the Biden campaign:

  • 97% of online donations were under $200
  • Donations were received from every state and US territory in the union
  • The average donation was $41

The Iowa caucus doesn’t begin until February 3 2020, however, early fundraising amounts help show a candidate’s viability. Former Vice President Joe Biden has begun to show his political opponents just how viable he is.

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