Democrats Holding Anti Bernie Sanders Meetings

Recently, the New York Times reported on not so secret meetings being held to try and block Vermont Senator Bernie Sander’s presidential campaign from continuing to gain steam.

Bernie Sanders is seen as the front runner by many in the political world with 18 million raised in the first quarter of fundraising, the highest of any Democratic candidate. Most polls show Sanders in second place behind former Vice President Joe Biden but leading the pack in certain cases.

Newcomer Pete Buttigieg has increased his polling numbers dramatically rising to third place to 17 percent in a recent poll.

People attending these meetings include Democratic super donor Bernard Schwartz, Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumber, longtime Clinton supporters Terry McAuliffe and David Brock, and presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.

Grievances against Sanders include not supporting Hillary Clinton during her candidacy against Donald Trump, fears of a third party centrist candidate jumping in the race who doesn’t agree with Sanders’ far left political ideology, and major concern for a fractured Democratic party due to delegates being carved up among the many Democratic contenders.

Bernie Sanders age 77, is as strong as ever, and has taken advantage of these meetings by asking his supporters to donate more money to his campaign.

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  1. No, the grievance against Sanders is that he will stop the flow of corrupt corporate money into the party establishment.

  2. Nancy Pelosi needs to be taken out of office, sooner than later. Shame on her.

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