Beto O’Rourke Beats Trump In Hypothetical Matchup 2020

A new Emerson poll on April 15th puts Beto O’Rourke ahead of Donald Trump in a hypothetical match-up for the 2020 presidential race. O’Rourke joins more well known household names, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, in showing a potential win over Trump.

Kamala Harris ties Donald Trump in a hypothetical race while Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren show a slight loss to the President under current polling.

Although much can change between now and the Iowa caucus, here are current results of the Emerson Poll:

Biden 53%, Trump 47%
Sanders 51%, Trump 48%
O’Rourke 51%, Trump 49%
Harris 50%, Trump 50%
Buttigieg 49%, Trump 51%
Warren 48%, Trump 52%

Current polling for the 2020 democratic nomination with democratic primary voters making the decision shows Bernie Sanders leading the pack at 29%, Joe Biden at 24%, Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 9%, Kamala Harris at 8%, and Beto O’Rourke at 8% of potential voters.

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