Video Surfaces of Congresswoman Omar Illhan Mocking Americans for Fearing Terrorist Groups

Congresswoman Omar Ilhan who recently came under fire for her words some deemed as anti-semetic is now again being criticized for an interview she did back in 2013, before being elected, where she openly pokes fun at her former college professor of a terrorism class she took as part of her studies.

In the video, she openly jokes at the inflection of her former professor’s voice when the words al quada and hezbollah were spoken. She seems to downplay the roll both terrorist groups al qaeda and hezbollah have played in the destruction and loss of lives in both the United States and its close ally, Israel. At the same time, she states Americans should look at the individuals of the terrorist groups, not the whole groups themselves. A short clip of the video can be seen here:

The Democratic Party is caught between its past and its future as it is becoming more liberal and diverse. With these changes, some are viewing the party as moving too far left while going against the traditional grain of America’s foreign policy around issues of the middle east.

View the entire 2013 Ilhan Omar interview here:

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