Seattle Is Dying Documentary Focuses on Homelessness and Drugs

A new documentary is now available to the public depicting massive homelessness, drug use, and thefts in the city of Seattle with scenes of frustrated residents speaking to city officials about their growing concerns on this issue.

In the video, indviduals including police officers, business owners, and residents express their overwhelming disatifaction and reduced quality of life in the emerald city. See the video here:

Many in the documentary contribute the growing issue of homelessness to a lack of enforcement on drug use and and overall sentencing leniency in Seattle. Scenes of litter and individuals who need mental health treatment fill the screen.

As cities struggle with homelessness, billions of dollars across the nation are being pumped in to alleviate the problem and help people experiencing homelessness. Whether or not many of these programs are effective or are just allowing a cottage industry around homelessness to grow and thrive are still unknown.

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