First Gay President is a Possibility

2 Term Mayor and Presidential Hopeful Peter Buttigieg

By Eric Gray, Editor Gray Tribune

As Mayor Peter Buttigieg rises in the polls to third place at 11 percent in Iowa, there is increased conversation about the Democratic presidential candidate’s viability among voters.

Buttigieg would not only be the youngest president to ever be elected, but would be the first openly gay candidate to ever serve as President of the United States of America. That has some people very excited.

His background is impressive. He is the current Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, a lieutenant in the United States Navy Reserve, a veteran in the War in Afghanistan, a Harvard University graduate, and a Rhodes Scholar.

After CNN did a town hall which took place in Austin, TX this past month, google searches rose along with his poll numbers giving Buttigieg a firm boost. He still has much more work to do in breaking his way into meeting many more voters, but this candidate is one to watch.

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