Analysis: Those Who Cried Out White Privilege Comparing Paul Manafort’s Sentencing to Jussie Smollett Were Wrong

We will never argue against the very unfortunate and sad history of an unfair justice system towards African Americans in our country, and do wholeheartedly believe change is required and justified across our nation.

That said, in the case comparing Paul Manafort’s sentencing to Jussie Smollett’s court battle, we believe the ACLU and other groups who jumped to conclusions before the final outcome was given were incorrect in their assumptions.

In the ACLU article published March 11, 2019 entitled, “The Leniency Shown to Paul Manafort Should Be the Norm for Everyone – Not Just Rich White Men,” the author Udi Offer expounds on America’s “two systems of justice” pointing to Paul Manafort 47 month jail sentence for tax fraud and bank fraud, (his sentence nearly doubled to 7 1/2 years a few days later,) while comparing it to Jussie Smollett, who could’ve been given up to 64 years in prison if convicted on 16 felonies he was charged for. We know now Jussie Smollett’s charges were dropped and he walked away a free man, minus the $10,000 bail money the city of Chicago kept.

While we understand their are iniquities in our justice system and believe consequences should be equal for every American, sometimes jumping the gun and and crying foul before outcomes are given will leave you with egg on your face and a resentful electorate.

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