Heads Explode over Beto O’Rourke’s Growing Popularity

The far right and the far left seem to be having trouble wrapping their heads around the growing popularity of presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke. With 6.1 Million in donations in the first 24 hours, supporters of opposing candidates in both the democratic and republican fields have had a number of choice words to say about the democratic hopeful.

News anchors like Tucker Carlson of Fox News have insinuated drug use by O’Rourke while supporters of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders are attacking Beto ferociously on his moderate views and in the past accepting donations from people who receive a paycheck in the oil industry.

Whatever style Beto O’Rourke is deploying in his presidential bid either by overuse of hand gestures to standing on tables at campaign events, his P.T. Barnum style of marketing seems to be garnering him additional attention. Recently, late night host Jimmy Fallon did a parody of O’Rourke’s campaign announcement, prompting many to learn more about the democratic hopeful.

While the left has dominated the discussion on the Democratic side over the past year with candidates like Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, & Cory Booker jumping on the bandwagon for Medicare for All, O’Rourke’s approach to healthcare and other national issues take on a more moderate view, pleasing many left center Democrats looking for a centrist to take the reigns.

As attacks on O’Rourke intensify, he is making clear his policy positions to the voters in early caucus states and beyond.

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